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Tenant Services

Many commercial occupiers do not fully understand the specifics of property, their obligations under leases or the landlords’ obligations to them.

With our background in property management and our extensive experience in lease advise services we are well placed to provide advice to any company or commercial operation seeking to rent a commercial premises or already in occupation.

Our services include;

  • Initial condition report to record the condition of the property at the outset of an occupational lease
  • Design and build the fit out of retail and office buildings for occupiers
  • Project Manage and provide PDSP services for commercial occupier fit out
  • Manage the application to landlords for alterations to a commercial premises
  • Make planning applications for change of use or alterations to premises (subject to landlord consent)
  • Make applications for Disabled Access Certificate and Fire Safety Certificate
  • Review of Lease clauses to ensure that there are no unreasonably onerous obligations on the commercial occupier
  • Review of Service Charge Budgets and Annual Expenditure Certificate
  • Review of Service Charge Clause in Lease to ensure its equitable and fair
  • Defence and Negotiation of Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations